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Buy Local, Eat Fresh

While there are many reasons to shop at a farmer’s market, the most obvious reasons are the taste, freshness and variety of flavors and products, but did you know that you are also supporting your community in several ways? Buying locally keeps your dollar in circulation in your community.

Buying locally not only helps your community flourish, but you will also be helping your family and yourself by eating healthy organic produce while saving money. Typically, organic produce is less expensive through local farmer’s markets than at your local grocery store. Buying directly from the farmers themselves can earn them more cents on the dollar rather than buying from the supermarket. Not only are you helping your local farmers, but you are helping to ensure that your money stays within the community.

Shopping at a local farmer’s market is also good for your body and the environment. Most of the foods that you buy at the supermarket are either highly processed or grown using hormones, genetic modifications, and pesticides. Helping farmer’s markets thrive can also help reduce gas emissions from shipping and reduce waste from packaging.

Another benefit to buying locally is getting to know your local farmers and connecting with your community. You can learn exactly where your food comes from while seeing your neighbors and meeting new friends. You can learn cooking tips and new recipes from the people who know the product best.

While there are numerous benefits to shopping at a local farmer’s market, including the delicious taste of seasonal fruits and veggies that you just can’t find at the supermarket, they also offer homemade products like jams, sauces, and baked goods. Grass fed beef, wild Alaskan caught seafood and fresh dairy can also be found at your local farmer’s market, but they aren’t just for selling food. Homemade crafts, jewelry, and even products for your pets can be found at these locations as well. Check out the vendor links below for a list of products available at each location.

Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center

Wednesdays from JUNE 12 through SEPTEMBER 25  –  10am-2pm or Sellout

Aspen Grove Vendors 

 7301 S. Santa Fe Dr.

Southwest Plaza

Saturdays from MAY 4 through OCTOBER 26  –  8am-2pm or Sellout

Southwest Plaza Vendors

Southeast Parking Lot at Wadsworth & Bowles

Support local farmers and your community by shopping at these local farmer’s markets near you.

Both locations are part of the SNAP Program and accept EBT card for payment.