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Fall is Here! What Does that Mean for Your Sewer Service Line?

10/3/2018 Fall is Here! What Does that Mean for Your Sewer Service Line?

Fall is one the most beautiful time of year, but the leaves changing color are not the only thing that changes in the trees. During the spring and summer months, the tree gets most of its nourishment from the leaves. When the leaves begin to turn and fall, the tree seeks out new forms of nourishment. The roots begin to grow and seek out sources of moisture. The sewer line running from your house to the District’s main line in the street is a non-stop source of moisture that tree roots are drawn to.

If you have had sewer back-ups in the past, you are aware of the mess it can make. This year have your drains cleaned before they back up.

The most common misconception is that the district is responsible for your sewer. You might not know it, but every home has its own sewer that leads to the main line sewer. The main sewer line is maintained by Platte Canyon. Your home’s sewer line is your responsibility, and can be maintained with the help of a professional, licensed plumber.

If you don’t maintain your sewer and it collapses, you will have raw sewage backing up out of your drains. Basically, you have no choice but to maintain your sewer. If the line has collapsed, there’s nowhere for that sewage to go but back into your home, and nobody wants that!