2021 Capital Improvement Projects Underway

Three water main replacement projects are scheduled for construction in the summer of 2021.

The first project on the construction schedule, which was on the Newland Circle loop off W. Leawood Drive, is nearing completion. Mobilization and construction prep for the W. Alder Way and S. Depew St. projects will start this week.

All the 2021 projects involve replacing cast iron pipe that has advanced levels of electrolysis-caused corrosion, resulting in a significant number of main breaks over the past decade.

Capital Improvement Projects Scheduled for 2020:


S. Newland Circle

This project will replace 1,700 feet of 6-inch CIP with 6-inch PVC pipe in the S. Newland Circle loop off of W. Leawood Drive.

W. Alder Way

This project will replace 700 feet of 6-inch CIP with 6-inch PVC in W. Alder Way between S. Depew Street and W. Alder Avenue in the Columbine Hills subdivision.

S. Depew Street

This project will replace 1,900 feet of 8-inch CIP with 8-inch PVC in S. Depew Street between S. Platte Canyon Road and W. Canyon Trail. This project is located in the Columbine Hills subdivision and includes a culvert crossing.

Communication with residents in the affected subdivisions will be handled via mail, social media, or door-to-door interaction. If your neighborhood is impacted by a District Capital Project, you may request a virtual meeting with your neighbors and district staff to go over the schedule of the project and address any questions or concerns.


If you have questions or concerns pertaining to District projects, please call the main office number at 303-979-2333.