kids at water festival

Denver Metro Water Festival

On Wednesday, May 15, district staff participated in the Denver Metro Water Festival. Hosted by Denver Water, the Suburban Distributors of Denver Water, the One World One Water Center at Metropolitan State University of Denver, and Red Rocks Community College, the Festival is a unique opportunity to provide unbiased water-related education to sixth graders in Denver Water’s extended service area.

It was another successful turnout and a fun and interactive day of educating sixth grade students on the importance of water. The festival presents a unique opportunity for water professionals from around Colorado to offer engaging, hands-on lessons and activities to help students appreciate the value of water, provide the tools students need to treat water as a precious resource, and take an active role in water conservation. The water presentations were highly educational and some even incorporated dance and magic into their demonstrations.

District staff member Alyssa Quinn deserves extra recognition for her role as the Volunteer Coordinator for the entire event. The continued success of the Festival is a result of the dedication and participation of nearly 100 volunteers, all of whom are recruited and coordinated by Alyssa.

Other district staff who participated in the Festival provided day-of assistance as a Festival guide, building monitor, school bus coordinator, and assisted with set-up and tear-down logistics.