Vanessa with her bike

Financial Administrator Celebrates 20 Years

Vanessa Shipley headshot

Vanessa Shipley has served as the financial administrator for the District since 2003. She is responsible for managing all district finances including financial reports, budgets, payroll, investments, annual audits, accounts receivable/payable and financial policies.

Vanessa worked in public accounting for seven years and for most of that time she specialized in auditing local governments. “My firm had clients in the metro area as well as on the western slope. I gained a great deal of experience over the years and enjoyed traveling to the mountains and working in different locations across Denver with some great clients,” she said.

After getting married and deciding it was time for a family, Vanessa became interested in transitioning away from public accounting to gain a more balanced professional and personal life. “At that time, the District, who happened to be a client of my firm, had an opening in the Financial Administrator position. I guess it was just meant to be,” she said.

When Vanessa began working for the District, she was impressed by the level of standards in which it operated. There was a clear focus on customer service and thorough processes and procedures were applied both operationally and administratively by very competent employees.

When asked how the District has changed throughout her employment, she responded, “There has been continued investment in technology that has definitely made my job easier and more fun,” said Vanessa. She is referring to an electronic timekeeping system, sophisticated databases that track information about assets, and an electronic filing system to eliminate the printing and retention of paper to name just a few.

“I am thankful for the forward-thinking Board and the leadership of the District over the years. Honestly, when I began my employment at the District, I did not believe I’d still be here twenty years later. It is a great place to work!”

When Vanessa is not working she enjoys spending time with her family. She enjoys traveling and escaping away to island beaches. She is very active and enjoys running, hiking and biking, but is also happy just hanging out in her backyard. “I am a sun worshipper and enjoy Colorado’s great outdoors, ” she said.

Congratulations on twenty years, Vanessa! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the District!