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Four Capital Projects Scheduled for 2024

The four water main replacement projects listed below are scheduled for this summer.

All four projects will take place in the Bow Mar South neighborhood and include the replacement of approximately 4,500 feet of 8″ and 12″ cast iron pipe. The pipe to be replaced was installed in 1963, and shows advanced levels of electrolysis-caused corrosion. There have been a combined seven breaks on these water mains.

2024 Water Main Replacements

S. Laurel Place – This project will replace 758 feet of 6″ cast iron pipe with 6″ PVC pipe in S. Laurel Place from S. Snowberry Drive to W. Bowles Avenue.

S. Snowberry Drive – This project will replace 797 feet of 6″ cast iron pipe with 8″ PVC pipe in S. Snowberry Drive from S. Laurel Place to W. Bowles Avenue. The diameter of pipe was upsized by Denver Water.

Marigold Lane – This project will replace 1,028 feet of 6″ cast iron pipe with 6″ PVC pipe in Marigold Lane from Blue Sage Drive to S. Sumac Lane.

Blue Sage Drive – This project will replace 1,906 feet of 12″ cast iron pipe with 12″ PVC pipe in Blue Sage Drive from W. Berry Avenue to Tule Lake Drive.

The district intends to continue keeping the community informed about the above projects to help minimize disruptions and ensure everyone is prepared for any temporary inconveniences during construction. Project updates will be provided on the district website, Facebook, and NextDoor as the construction schedule is finalized. Prior to construction, door hangers will be distributed to all affected residents.

If you have questions or concerns pertaining to district projects, please call the main office number at 303-979-2333.