Functionality of Website Continues to Grow

Have you explored our website lately? Did you know that you can find a list of licensed plumbers in your district on our website? Although the District cannot recommend any specific contractors, we can provide an updated list of service line contractors that are licensed to work in the district. You can find this list under Construction Corner as well as information on current district projects, the Capital Master Plan and more.

You can learn more about the District Staff and Platte Canyon’s history under the About Us section. Under the Residents section, you can stay up to date with what’s happening at the monthly District Board Meetings by viewing the meeting agendas, minutes and summaries. Also under the Residents section, you can find an interactive District Boundary Map that shows all of the areas serviced by Platte Canyon and Southwest Metro.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) link at the top of the homepage can be a very useful tool that a lot of customers might not know is available to them. There, you will find answers to questions like “Why do I pay property taxes to Platte Canyon?” or “How do I know if a leak is on the portion of pipe that I own?”.

The District’s Weekly Articles highlight tips for maintaining your home water and sewer systems and news that may affect your service as well as updates to emergency operations such as water main breaks and closures as they arise. You can keep up to date on these articles, or anything else that interests you on our site, by signing up for Email Updates, our latest feature on the website.

Another newer feature to our website is our non-emergency Customer Service Request Form. If you are experiencing high or low water pressure, or you have received a higher than normal water bill from Denver Water, you can use this form to request a service call from district maintenance staff.

If you have any general questions that cannot be answered by our website, please let us know by emailing or calling the office at 303-979-2333.