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New Construction Coordinator

The district is thrilled to announce Chris Cochran’s recent promotion to the position of Construction Coordinator, effective January 2024.

Chris brings a wealth of experience to the district, having worked in the industry for several years. His dedication and knowledge make him a valuable asset as he steps into his new role.

Chris previously worked with Aurora Water and Castle Rock Water, where he focused on Operations and Maintenance for sewer and water. His expertise in this area has laid a solid foundation for his current responsibilities.

As Construction Coordinator, Chris plays a crucial role in coordinating district and developer projects. His responsibilities include serving as the district contact for owners and developers, collaborating with design engineers, and facilitating the process for obtaining new water and sewer services. He acts as a liaison with key stakeholders such as Denver Water, Littleton, and Jefferson County. Additionally, Chris is involved in the preparation of essential project finalization documents, including as-built maps, checklists, and GPS transfers to GIS.

Chris joined the district as a Level III Operator in September 2023. Chris’s decision to work for the district was driven by a desire to contribute positively to the community in which he lives.

Working here has provided Chris with continuous opportunities for career development. His role involves overcoming new challenges with each project, contributing to a dynamic and rewarding work environment.

Chris values the district’s emphasis on work-life balance, allowing him to efficiently balance his career and family life. Outside of work, Chris enjoys various outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camping, and traveling with his family.

We congratulate Chris on his well-deserved promotion and appreciate his dedication to the district’s success. His positive impact on our projects and commitment to our community are truly commendable.