District staff posed in front of a district owned lift station.

New District Operator

Sean Kenny's headshot.

The district is pleased to welcome Sean Kenny to the operations staff.

With several years of industry experience and certifications as both a Level II Water Distribution System Operator and a Level II Wastewater Collection System Operator, Sean is undoubtedly well-prepared to contribute effectively to the team.

Sean’s duties include performing routine water maintenance such as exercising and inspecting valves; inspecting, flushing, and painting fire hydrants; and performing pressure monitoring and leak detection. He also facilitates maintenance to the district’s sewer infrastructure by performing CCTV (closed circuit television inspections), hydraulic cleaning, and root treatment/cutting in district owned mains.

As a district operator, Sean is also responsible for performing maintenance to the district’s pump and lift stations as well as responding to emergency situations like a water main failure or main line sewer back up.

Welcome to the district, Sean!