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Projects and Pop-Ups!

Four water main replacement projects are scheduled for construction in 2019. All of the projects propose replacement of cast iron pipe that has exhibited advanced levels of electrolysis caused corrosion. 3,920 feet of 8-inch, and 732 feet of 6-inch cast iron pipe will be replaced with PVC pipe.

Two projects are located in the Leawood subdivision on S. Jay Ct. between W. Bowles Ave. and W. Leawood Dr., and on W. Leawood Dr. between S. Pierce St. and S. Ingalls St. The two projects propose replacement of 3,377 feet of 8-inch cast iron pipe.

Another proposes replacement of 732 feet of cast iron water pipe in S. Jay Dr. between W. Elmhurst Ave. and W. Monticello Ave. in the Columbine Hills subdivision. This short segment of water main was installed prior to the adoption of the District standard requiring protective wrap to eliminate direct contact with corrosive soils. The pipeline has experienced three electrolysis-caused water breaks since 1985.

The final water replacement project scheduled is located at W. Rowland Pl. between S. Depew St. and S. Sheridan Ct. in the Columbine Knolls subdivision. The project proposes replacement of 1,255 feet of 8-inch cast iron pipe with PVC pipe. This pipeline was also installed without protective wrap and has experienced six breaks since 1997, the latest of which occurred in 2018.

There is one sewer main replacement of 293 feet of the 16” pipeline which will be excavated and replaced to restore proper grade and flow.

These projects are scheduled to go out to bid early June 2019. These projects will be in construction starting in July and are scheduled to be complete by early November 2019.

Platte Canyon is planning on scheduling Informational Pop-Up tents for these projects in the proper subdivisions that may be affected by the construction. As soon as there are dates scheduled for the pop-ups, they will be posted on our website, Facebook page, and Nextdoor. If you do have questions regarding any of the above projects, you can always call the district at 303-979-2333.