Sign Up for the Fall Garden In A Box Now

Resource Central’s Garden In A Box makes it easy to have a professionally designed, waterwise yard of your own. The Spring 2023 gardens have sold out for the season. Resource Central, a nonprofit organization in Boulder, will offer more gardens for fall later in the year. We encourage customers to sign up for Resource Central’s notifications and email list to receive alerts and tips for xeric gardening.

Why plant a low-water garden?

  • Easy water savings: Replacing just 100 square feet of lawn and hand-watering Garden In A Box’s water-smart plants can help you save more than 1,000 gallons of water the first year, and even more after three years.
  • Curb appeal: Resource Central’s starter plants (not seeds) quickly add a pop of natural color and beauty to your yard.
  • Attract local pollinators: The colorful gardens offer an attractive habitat for butterflies and bees.
  • No green thumb required: Garden In A Box includes a plant-by-numbers map and a guide to caring for the growing plants.

Even with Garden In A Box kits sold out, you can still create your own garden this spring!

Learn how to landscape with less water! Resource Central offers free, online Waterwise Yard Seminars taught by local landscape and horticultural professionals. Get your landscaping questions answered and learn how to keep your yard looking great while using less water. Seminar topics range from low-water landscape design, xeric plant selection, smart irrigation, and more!