operators on busy street

SLOW DOWN for District Operators

The district asks that drivers please SLOW DOWN near work zones. When you see a district work vehicle surrounded by cones on a busy street, please remember that district operators are working just inside those cones and driving too fast and too close could cost them their life.


District Operators must perform maintenance to sewer and water infrastructure which is mainly located in the street. In some cases, they are in or near busy intersections such as W. Bowles Avenue and S. Wadsworth Boulevard. Working in busy, higher speed streets is extremely hazardous and there is little to no protection for our operators. When you see orange cones, please SLOW DOWN!

Performing maintenance to district infrastructure ensures that district customers receive the most reliable, highest-quality distribution of drinking water and efficient, cost-effective wastewater collection service as possible while preserving public health and protecting the environment. Please return the favor and slow down for them.

The district appreciates all our customers and their understanding when unforeseen circumstances or emergency situations occur such as a water main break. We appreciate even more the respect and safety of our field staff. Thank you!