District Projects




The Platte Canyon Board of Directors recently approved a Capital Master Plan for 2018 - 2027. The purpose of the master plan is to itemize, prioritize and schedule water and wastewater facility expansion, rehabilitation and replacement projects as well as vehicle purchases to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of budgeting and cash flow analysis. The Plan enables the District to be proactive in confronting water and sewer system modifications and rehabilitation.

     The 2018 - 2027 Capital Master Plan proposes expenditure of $1,113,716 in 2018 and $4,078,598 during the 10-year period extending from 2018 to 2027. This compares with last year’s master plan projected expenditures for 2017 and 2018 amounting to $1,831,651 and $748,470 respectively. Last year’s estimate of total expenditures over the ten year period was $4,387,788, $309,190 more than this year’s plan. Water facility replacement projects account for 60 percent of the total proposed expenditures while sewer rehabilitation expenses and vehicle and equipment purchases account for 15 percent and 25 percent respectively.

     Expenditures called for in this Capital Master Plan will result in a reserve fund balance at year end 2018 that is adequate to meet expenditures during the ten year term of the District’s financial plan. No increases in tax revenues, tap fees or annexation fees will to be required to meet the goals of the current plan.

                The Master Plan has been divided into water facility rehabilitation and replacement, sanitary sewer rehabilitation and replacement, and vehicle and equipment additions and replacements. Most water facility projects are planned replacements of cast iron and steel water mains which have experienced leaks due to electrolysis caused corrosion. No facilities are proposed for the purpose of expanding capacity to serve new development. Existing District facilities are adequate to serve all anticipated development within the District’s ultimate service area.

Three water main replacement projects are scheduled for construction in 2018. Two of the projects propose replacement or rehabilitation of sections of the District’s 16-inch water transmission line located in S. Sheridan Blvd. (extended) between W. Bowles Ave. and W. Ken Caryl Ave. The first project CIP 18-1W, proposes replacement of 850 feet of 16-inch steel pipe between W. Coal Mine Ave. and W. Ontario Ave. The Second project. CIP 18-2W, also proposes replacement or rehabilitation of another 800 foot segment of the 16-inch steel pipe located between Dutch Creek and W. Leawood Dr. These pipelines are located in narrow easements that preclude replacement of the existing pipes using a cut and cover approach. Rather, the District has retained Dewberry Engineering to study alternative pipeline rehabilitation techniques that will allow lining of the existing pipelines by inserting a new pipeline within the old pipes. A rehabilitation method will be selected by year end 2017 and design engineering and construction will proceed in 2018. The two projects have a combined estimated cost of $560,283.

The third 2018 capital water project, CIP 18-3W, proposes replacement of 1,378 feet of cast iron water pipe in Geddes Cir. between the north and south intersections with Platte Canyon Dr. This pipeline is the only water facility located in the Columbine Manor Subdivision that has not been replaced due to electrolysis of the cast iron pipe. Six water main breaks have occurred on the pipe since 2003, three of which have occurred in 2017. The estimated cost of the project is $291,585.

Platte Canyon owns and maintains a 16-inch sanitary sewer main in S. Sheridan Blvd. in the Leawood Subdivision. The sewer main was pipe burst in 1995 using a 16-inch polyethylene pipe to expand an existing 8-inch vitrified clay pipe. The Grant Water and Sanitation District paid for the upsizing in order to accommodate growth in the District and provide another connection point to Southwest Metropolitan’s C-line interceptor sewer. Five manholes on the pipeline are deteriorating and require rehabilitation. Project CIP 18-1S proposes lining the manholes, replacing steps, and restoring the manhole benches. SpectraShield is the lining material that will be specified for this project. The estimated cost of the project is $16,848 and Grant Water and Sanitation District will be responsible for 96 percent of the cost.

The capital plan proposes nine additional water main replacement projects between 2019 and 2027 consisting of 5,667 feet of pipe; 475 feet of asbestos-cement pipe and 5,192 feet of cast iron pipe. Together these projects are estimated to cost $1,415,351 including engineering and contingencies.

The capital plan for 2018 also reserves $25,000 for cured-in-place lining of unspecified segments of sewer pipe. These funds will only be spent in the event that routine video inspections reveal a need to perform immediate repairs of existing sewer mains.

     For each year between 2019 and 2027, expenditure of $25,000 is being proposed for cured-in-place pipeline rehabilitation of sewer mains that are found to be either structurally deficient or heavily infiltrated with roots. The location and scheduling for these rehabilitation projects is determined by routine sewer video inspections. An annual contract is awarded to a single sewer rehabilitation contractor to conduct repair and rehabilitation projects on an as needed and authorized basis.

     Vehicle replacement costs for the period between 2018 and 2027 are projected to be $1,214,000, $133,000 more than the amount proposed in last year’s vehicle replacement schedule. A replacement for the District’s 2006 Cues sewer video inspection van is proposed for purchase in 2018 at an estimated cost of $220,000.

     The entire Capital Master Plan for 2018 - 2027 is available for download or review here.