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Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District is honored to provide water distribution and wastewater collection services to 6,806 residences and businesses in western Arapahoe and eastern Jefferson Counties.  The District appreciates the opportunity to communicate timely news and information about its services and related topics to citizens, builders, vendors, and other interested parties by use of this website.

Please take a moment to navigate our website and let us know what you think.  Your comments and questions may be sent to us by clicking the Contact Us tab located on the menu bar at the left side of the home page.

We also encourage you to attend the District's Board of Directors meetings held at 8:30 a.m. on the fourth Friday of each month at the District office, 8739 W. Coal Mine Ave.           

District News Articles

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It can be easy to take clean water for granted: most of us don’t have to think twice about turning on the tap to wash our hands, water the plants, or whip up some pasta. In fact, the U.S. has the largest water footprint of any country in the world... Read more