Normandy Estates Subdivision Sewer Main Rehabilitation (CIP 17-2S)

This project rehabilitated 2,210 feet of 8-inch  and 1,431 feet of 10-inch concrete sewer pipe located in W. Plymouth Dr., S. Depew St., and W. Ottawa Ave. using cured-in-place rehabilitation, reestablished 63 service connections and will line 14 concrete manholes. The estimated cost of the project including construction, engineering and contingencies is $125,678.



For questions or comments concerning this project, please feel free to call the District’s Project and Construction Coordinator, Tony Cocozzella at 303-979-2333.


 CURRENT STATUSThis project completed the cured-in-place rehabilitation of the lines and reestablished the service connections. The manholes are currently being lined as the final step of the project.