Billing Information

Water Billing

Platte Canyon has a Read and Bill Water Supply Contract with Denver Water. The contract calls for Denver Water to read customer’s water meters and bill each customer directly for the amount of water consumed. As such, Denver Water establishes the water rates (Outside City - Read and Bill) assessed to Platte Canyon customers. Billing is conducted on a bi-monthly basis.

If you have questions concerning your water bill, please call Denver Water’s Customer Care Department at 303-893-2444.

Sewer Billing

Platte Canyon contracts with the City of Littleton for wastewater treatment services. Littleton bills Platte Canyon customers directly for treatment services. Billing is conducted on an annual basis.

If you have questions concerning your sewer bill, please call City of Littleton, Utility Billing at 303-795-3772.

Property Tax

Platte Canyon assesses a property tax mill levy on all taxable property in the District in order to obtain revenue for administration of the District, and for operation and maintenance repair and replacement of District infrastructure. The mill levy assessed for calendar year 2016 is 7.126 mills.

District Fee Schedule

This document is intended for those individuals/developers interested in new building projects. For Platte Canyon’s current District Fee Schedule please click here.