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  1. 6/16/2016 Platte Canyon May Board of Directors Meeting Summary
  2. Summary of May 27, 2016 Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District Board of Directors Meeting


    Oaths of Office were administered to three directors who were declared elected to the Platte Canyon Board of Directors when the regular Board of Directors election scheduled for May 3, 2016 was cancelled.

    George Hamblin was elected to a two year term.

    Richard Rock was elected to a four year term.

    William Buckner was elected to a four year term.


    The Board of Directors consented to the transfer of ownership of an interceptor sewer main from Roxborough Water and Sanitation District to the City of Littleton. Platte Canyon’s approval was required because the District paid for oversizing the pipeline to provide capacity to transport up to 4.75 million gallons of wastewater per day to a downstream connection to another City of Littleton interceptor sewer.  Participation in the project enabled the District to eliminate use of a sewage pumping station located at the South Platte River and Crestline Ave.


    The Board approved the award of a construction contract for the rehabilitation of the Columbine West Pump Station located at 7677 W. Ken Caryl Ave.  The Contract was awarded to Glacier Construction Company for the amount of $1,097,880.  The project consists of replacement of all 50 year old pumps, motors, piping, and control systems.


    The Board approved issuance of a purchase order to Levi Contractors, Inc. to install a 16-inch valve on a pipeline located in Ken Caryl Ave. between Webster St. and Zepher St.  This valve is needed to isolate the Columbine West Pump Station from the District’s water distribution system and provide for continuous water supply while the pump station is being rebuilt.  The cost of the project is $55,568.


    The Board discussed the possibility of acquiring a small tract of land immediately west of the Columbine Pump Station for future material storage and incidental uses. The property is currently owned by Denver Water.


    The Board renamed the Columbine West Pump Station the Scott J. Morse Pump Station in honor of 29 years of exemplary service to the Platte Canyon District.  Mr. Morse served in numerous capacities with the District, the latest as assistant manager.  He passed away in May 2015 at the age of 47.


    The District’s manager provided status reports on the following topics.

    • The District’s long term financial plan is being updated and will be presented to the board at the July 22, 2016 meeting.
    • Revision of District financial, operations, plan review, and administrative procedures is continuing, and when completed will better enable critical functions to be fulfilled by current employees in the absence of the employee with primary job responsibility.
    • Operations staff is working with West Metro Fire Protection District to complete an Insurance Services Office (ISO) survey.  West Metro’s goal is to improve their rating to a level that will result in lower property insurance rates for properties within the West Metro District.
    • A purchase order has been issued for design consulting services for remodeling the Platte Canyon / Southwest Metropolitan office building located at 8739 W. Coal Mine Ave.
    • The Denver Water Rates and Fees Technical Advisory Committee consisting of 19 Denver Water distributors is continuing discussions with Denver Water rate staff on the methodology used to allocate costs between Denver and suburban customers


    The District’s operations supervisor presented a report analyzing and comparing District facility maintenance costs to the costs that would be incurred if the maintenance work was outsourced to private firms.  The detailed report identified annual cost savings amounting to $141,727 from continuing to perform preventive maintenance services with District staff and equipment.


    The District convened as the Ex-Officio Board of the Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation Subdistrict No.  1 and Subdistrict No. 2.  The Subdistricts oversee the repayment of loans obtained from the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority to rebuild the water systems serving the Columbine Townhouses II and IV developments.

    The next scheduled meeting of the Platte Canyon Board of Directors is June 24, 2016.

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