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  2. Summary of June 24, 2016 Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District Board of Directors Meeting


    The Board of Directors approved establishment of one additional full time, permanent employment position increasing the District’s full time staff to 14.  The job title for the new position is Project / Information Technology Technician.  Duties will include assisting the District’s plan review and construction coordinator with mapping and construction inspection documentation duties and assisting all other employees with various information technology functions. 

    The Board reviewed and approved District financial reports for May 2016 including accounts payable, unaudited financial statements, and investment transactions and balance reports.  These reports are available for public review on the District’s website.

    The District’s manager provided status reports on the following topics.

    • The status of discussions with Denver Water on the purchase of property immediately west of the District’s Scott J. Morse Pump Station at 7677 W. Ken Caryl Ave.

    • The status of design consulting services for remodeling the Platte Canyon / Southwest Metropolitan office building located at 8739 W. Coal Mine Ave.

    • The progress being made by the Denver Water Rates and Fees Technical Advisory Committee consisting of 19 Denver Water distributors in continuing discussions with Denver Water rate staff on revising the methodology used to allocate costs between Denver and suburban customers

    • A recent ruling by the United States 10th Circuit Court of Appeals denying certain plaintiffs’ standing to pursue a challenge to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) Amendment.

    • The continuing drawdown of water stored in Lakes Mead and Powell on the Colorado River.The declining water levels in the reservoirs could potentially impact future water supplies on both the East and West Slopes, including the Denver Metropolitan Area in Colorado.


    The District’s operations supervisor reported that there were no water or sewer service interruptions in the month of May and routine preventive maintenance is proceeding on schedule and within budget. He further reported that the exterior of the Platte Canyon / Southwest Metropolitan office building is being painted and that a new window has been installed in the maintenance office.  The driveway and parking areas are scheduled to be rehabilitated in the next two months. 

    The District’s construction coordinator updated the Board of Directors on new and ongoing developer projects in the District as well as District capital projects including Phase II of the Normandy Estates Sewer Rehabilitation Project, the Portland Dr. Water Main Replacement Project, and the Ken Caryl Ave. Valve Installation Project.  Information on all of the District’s capital projects is available on the District’s website.

    The next scheduled meeting of the Platte Canyon Board of Directors is July 22, 2016.

    Additional information about many of the topics listed above is available on the this website.