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  2. The Platte Canyon Board of Directors recently approved a Capital Master Plan for 2017 - 2026. The purpose of the master plan is to itemize, prioritize and schedule water and wastewater facility expansion, rehabilitation and replacement projects as well as vehicle purchases to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of budgeting and cash flow analysis. The Plan enables the District to be proactive in confronting water and sewer system modifications and rehabilitation.


    The 2017 - 2026 Capital Master Plan proposes expenditure of $1,823,651 in 2017 and $4,387,788 during the 10-year period extending from 2016 to 2025. This compares with last year’s master plan projected expenditures for 2016 and 2017 amounting to $1,251,326 and $793,496 respectively. Last year’s estimate of total expenditures over the ten year period was $5,148,712, $760,924 more than this year’s plan. Water facility replacement projects account for 60 percent of the total proposed expenditures while sewer rehabilitation expenses and vehicle and equipment purchases account for 15 percent and 25 percent respectively.


    Expenditures called for in this Capital Master Plan will result in a reserve fund balance of $9,180,245 at year end 2017. This amount has been determined to provide adequate reserves to meet expenditures proposed in the Capital Master Plan. No increases in tax revenues, tap fees or annexation fees will to be required to meet the goals of the current plan.


    Total capital expenses during the ten year planning period are $4,387,788; 43.2 percent of the projected year end 2016 reserve fund balance of $10,150,319. Cash financing is anticipated for all capital projects and no increases in property tax rates, tap fees, or service charges are proposed over the ten year period.


     Three capital water projects are scheduled for 2017. The first project consists of the rehabilitation of piping, pumps, and control systems at the Scott J. Morse Water Pump Station. Following an engineering needs assessment of the Columbine West Pump Station conducted in 2015, Dewberry Engineers was retained to prepare a plans and specifications for the major rehabilitation of the pump station. The 43 year old facility provides peak water flow and fire flow capability to 330 homes in the Columbine West Subdivision located generally between South Pierce Street, West Coal Mine Avenue, South Wadsworth Boulevard, and West Ken Caryl Avenue. Numerous small leaks have occurred on the steel piping within the pump station, and the pumps and motors have not been replaced or had major work since they were installed in 1972. In addition, the pumps have not been operating at their design efficiency since the Denver Water Department increased the suction pressure in the pipeline that supplies the pump station. Based on the engineering evaluation of the pump station, it is determined that all inlet and discharge piping should be replaced together with all pumps, motors, and electrical components. A construction contract for the project was awarded to Glacier Construction in June, 2016 and construction commenced in October. The new pumps will operate at much more efficient parameters which will reduce energy use. The total estimated cost of the project is $1,210,473, $780,865 of which is expected to be spent in 2017.


    Two water main replacement projects are scheduled for construction in 2017. The first project, CIP 17-1W, proposes replacement of 994 feet of 6-inch cast iron pipe with 994 feet of C900 DR14 PVC pipe in West Canyon Drive between West Canyon Avenue and South Depew Street in the Columbine Hills Subdivision. This pipeline has experience four failures over the past 30 years, two within the last three years. The estimated cost of this project is $197,185.


    The second water main replacement project, CIP 17-2W, calls for replacement of 1,946 feet of 6-inch cast iron pipe with 6- inch C900 DR14 PVC pipe in South Morning Glory Lane between Blue Sage Drive and West Berry Avenue in the Bow Mar South Subdivision. This pipeline has also experienced four failures, two since 2014. The estimated cost of this project is $386,038.


    The final water project scheduled for 2017 anticipates replacement of a pressure reducing valve and vault piping at West Frost Drive and South Webster Street in the Columbine West Subdivision. The valve assembly and piping are showing significant corrosion and is subject to failure in the immediate future. The existing vault and exterior piping will not be replaced. The projected cost of Project CIP 17-3W is $17,250.


    In 2014, District operations staff conducted a comprehensive condition assessment of all 8-inch and 12-inch concrete sewer pipe. As a result of the evaluation, all 17,826 feet of concrete pipe was scheduled for rehabilitation between 2014 and 2019. Three phases of rehabilitation have been completed and 7,339 feet remain to be lined. District staff have consulted with lining firms and have determined that issuing a single contract for the remaining work will result in a reduced unit price. Further, the benefit of generating revenue over time by delaying certain phases of the project is eliminated by construction cost inflation and low investment interest rates. Therefore, the capital master plan calls for completion of all 8-inch diameter concrete pipe lining (Projects 2017-1S, 2017-2S and 2017-3S) in 2017. The estimated cost for the combined projects is $425,313.


    The capital plan for 2017 also reserves $25,000 for cured-in-place lining of unspecified segments of sewer pipe. These funds will only be spent in the event that routine video inspections reveal a need to perform immediate repairs of existing sewer mains.


    For each year between 2016 and 2025, expenditure of $25,000 is being proposed for cured-in-place pipeline rehabilitation of sewer mains that are found to be either structurally deficient or heavily infiltrated with roots. The location and scheduling for these rehabilitation projects is determined by routine sewer video inspections. An annual contract is awarded to a single sewer rehabilitation contractor to conduct repair and rehabilitation projects on an as needed and authorized basis.


    Vehicle replacement costs for the period between 2017 and 2026 are projected to be $1,081,000, $194,000 less than the amount proposed in last year’s vehicle replacement schedule. No vehicles are scheduled to be replaced in 2017.


    More information relative to the above mentioned projects will appear on the individual project status pages under the Current Projects tab as it becomes available.


    The entire Capital Master Plan for 2017 - 2026 is available for download or review here.