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  1. 3/26/2018 Scott J Morse Pump Station Update
  2. The pump station located on the north of Ken-Caryl Ave & east of S. Zephyr Ct provides water to the Columbine West Subdivision is on the move with the site expansion!

    This past winter, the site expansion at the Scott J Morse Pump Station began after the District acquired .34 acres from Denver Water. The site work will consist of construction of textured/colored pre-cast concrete fence on exterior boundary and a wooden fence along north and east boundary bordering adjacent property, new access from S. Zephyr Ct., asphalt pavement, and concrete material storage bins for storage of materials to maintain the District’s water and sewer systems. The entire expansion is scheduled to only take 3-4 months.

    Surrounding the property (existing and newly acquired District property) along the south, west and north boundary will be a precast concrete wall, stamped and colored to resemble stone accompanied by steel gates at each entrance. The security wall will provide protection for the pump station as well as restrict the view from the street. The existing cedar fence along the north and east boundaries of the existing property will remain. Along the east boundary of the newly acquired property will be a cedar fence to match the existing fence and providing a barrier from the neighboring condominium complex.

    The storage bin will be used for temporary storage of maintenance materials needed for maintenance of our water and sewer facilities including pipe, fittings, pipe bedding material (i.e. gravel), manhole covers, valves, and valve boxes. Materials will be stored within the bins, below the top of the structure. The structure itself will be lower than the surrounding security wall and not visible from the exterior of the fence. Materials stored will not include dirt or other materials which could cause windblown dust.

    Access to the site will be limited to occasional use averaging once a week by District staff to check on the pump station operation and retrieve materials. District staff would typically access the site using District owned work trucks (pickup trucks). On less frequent occasions, perhaps monthly, larger trucks such as a flat bed or standard size dump truck may access the site for delivery of materials. The site will not be used to obtain material for any emergency maintenance as all repair materials are stored at an alternate site inside our main office garage. The frequency of access to the site will not be significantly different for the existing level of activity. The proposed access off of S. Zephyr Court will improve the safety of District staff and surrounding traffic compared to the existing access off of W. Ken Caryl Ave.

    The paving has already been completed and the other plans are not far behind in being completed as well.

    If you have any questions about this project, contact Tony Cocozzella at 303-979-2333.

    Below is the current view of the pump station, which will soon have a concrete wall surrounding the property.