Prevent sewer backups and take advantage of South Platte Renew’s Annual Grease Takeback program!

The district has responded to several sewer backups recently caused by grease buildup and other obstructions blocking customer sewer services. The following information can help you prevent a costly sewer backup.


Homeowner Responsibility

The sewer service line is owned and maintained by homeowners, including the connection to the district’s main. All maintenance and repairs within the service line are the homeowner’s responsibility, even the portion of the pipe within the street.

Check for Insurance Coverage

If a backup occurs within your sewer service line, a contractor/plumber must be contacted by the owner to restore sewer service. All damages are the homeowner’s responsibility. Many homeowner’s insurance policies contain an exclusion for sewer backup damages. Coverage is often available but must be requested as an addition to the policy. The district advises homeowners to discuss sewer backup coverage with their insurance agent.

If the backup was caused by blockage in a district owned sewer main, district staff will restore sewer service and work with the homeowner to clean and restore the affected areas. If you are experiencing a sewer back up, call the district at 303-979-2333. We can assist in determining if it is a district mainline or customer service line backup.

Prevent Sewer Backups

  • Do not plant deep rooted trees over or immediately adjacent to sewer service pipes.
  • Do not flush any non-flushable items. Follow the Three P’s rule when it comes to what you can safely flush – flush only pee, poop and (toilet) paper.
  • Periodically have your sewer service pipe video inspected by a reputable company and clean the pipe when necessary.
  • Do no place valuable personal property on the floor close to a floor drain. Store personal items at least a few inches off the floor or place inside plastic tubs to protect them in the case of a backup.
  • Do not wash Fats, Oils or Grease (FOG) down the drain. Deposit these materials in the trash.

Take advantage of South Platte Renew’s Annual Grease and Oil Takeback Event on December 2.

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