construction map

Repair on Denver Water Conduit in S. Platte Canyon Rd. Requires Water Shut Off

Denver Water is repairing a service line leak near 6935 S. Platte Canyon Rd. In order to complete the repair, the conduit must be isolated which will affect water service to several Platte Canyon and Southwest Metro customers that are connected to this conduit.

The water shut off is estimated from 2 pm today until approximately 2 am on Tuesday, November 1st. Affected district customers are listed below and highlighted on the map.

Platte Canyon customers affected:

  • S. Platte Canyon Rd.
    6935; 6955; 7017; 7037; 7150; 7170
  • W. Costillo Pl.
    4636; 4676; 4730; 4770

Southwest Metro customers affected:

  • 6971 Polo Ridge Dr.
  • 1 Polo Cub Dr.
  • 1 Thoroughbred Ln.
  • W. Cottonwood Pl.
    4403; 4443; 4444; 4483; 4484
  • 4600 W. Coal Mine Rd.