Dillon Reservoir

Statewide snowpack is at 107% of average

According to experts from Denver Water, snowpack is in good shape as we head into the runoff season. Statewide snowpack is at 107% of average as of April 21st. Denver Water relies on mountain snow for 80% of its water supply. Their experts are optimistic that their essential reservoirs will fill during this spring run off season.

Based on NRCS data from April 21st, snowpack in the Colorado River Valley is tracking at 117% of average and the South Platte River Valley is tracking at 120% of average.

As of April 20th, cumulative precipitation in the Colorado River watershed was tracking at 102% and cumulative precipitation in the South Platte River watershed was tracking at 111% of average.




Although snowpack and cumulative precipitation levels are above average in Colorado watersheds, 66.7% of the state is collectively registering on the drought monitor.


According to the most recent update from the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) on April 14th, 12.9% of the state is in a severe drought, 40.3% is in a moderate drought and 13.5% of the state is abnormally dry.






Reservoir levels are near average and are represented in the table below. This data is from Denver Water’s Water Watch Report dated April 20th.

ReservoirPercent Full: CurrentPercent Full: Historical Median
Eleven Mile102%102%
Strontia Springs87%94%
Meadow Creek0%12%