Update on Water Main Replacement in Leawood Subdivision

Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District’s contractor started on the water main replacement projects in the Leawood subdivision on Wednesday, July 15, 2019. There are two water main projects in this area, which include the replacement of 3,377 feet of 8-inch cast iron pipe that has exhibited advanced levels of electrolysis-caused corrosion. The new pipe has been completely installed on the first project on S. Jay Court between W. Bowles Avenue and W. Leawood Drive. Water service is being switched over today from the old main to the newly laid PVC pipe on S. Jay Court.

The second project is located on W. Leawood Drive between S. Pierce Street and S. Ingalls Street. Contractors will also switch over water service on W. Leawood Drive from S. Jay Court to S. Ingalls Street today. They will continue to lay new pipe from S. Jay Court to S. Pierce Street for at least the next two weeks. Working hours remain from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and there will be short term outages from S. Jay Court to S. Pierce Street as the contractor continues to lay pipe. Residents will be notified 24 hours in advance of those outages. Traffic will be managed throughout the day with one lane open at all times. All construction of the project, including paving, is expected to last approximately one more month.

If you have any questions regarding these water main replacement projects, please call the District at 303-979-2333.