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What to Expect of Our New Communications Plan

This year we will be developing a communications plan to improve our relationships with our stakeholders. This plan will include ways on how we can develop new strategies to be more involved with our community and those we service. Platte Canyon is making this a top priority and we are dedicating our time into this new plan.

Our communications coordinator is already working on the new communications plan. The Districts top priorities include a new website design, a revamp of our current quarterly newsletter “Your Water”, and adding new ways to communicate including new social media platforms. The new website will provide improved functionality for your use. With the revamp of the quarterly newsletter we will be providing an electronic version through email. As for our social media accounts, we have successfully built our Facebook account and will announce our Twitter and Instagram when they are created.

Please help us start off this new plan by following our social media account. Click here to get sent to our Facebook page where you can like and follow whats going on! If you would like to switch over to our new e-newsletter, please send an email to info@plattecanyon.orgnoting that you would like to start receiving the E-Newsletter. We will continue to provide updates throughout this process on all platforms. If you have any questions regarding the communications plan, please contact the District, 303-979-2333.