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5 Year “Work-iversary” for Mike Chavez!

Mike Chavez is celebrating 5 years with Platte Canyon W&S District! He began working for Platte Canyon on January 22, 2013 as one of 6 service operators and is certified as a Distribution Level IV, which is the highest level achievable. Along with that certification Mike is also a certified operator Collection Level III, Certified Pesticide Applicator and Certified Backflow Device Tester. Mike has multiple sanitary sewer inspections and assessment certifications including PACP, LACP, and MACP.

When talking to Scott Hand, Operations Supervisor, he had countless things to say about Mike. He is known for his several years of experience operating distribution and collections systems and with that comes Mike’s ability to have great contact with customers and resolving their concerns. He works great individually and as a team member which makes him a huge asset to our team.

Mike has been a great benefit to the operations staff and we are lucky to have him representing Platte Canyon. Congratulations on 5 years, Mike!