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District Current Projects

  • Water Main Replacement Projects

    W. Alder Way

    This project will replace 700 feet of 6-inch cast iron pipe with 6-inch PVC in W. Alder Way between S. Depew Street and W. Alder Avenue in the Columbine Hills subdivision.

    This project is near completion. All of the new pipe has been laid and customer service lines have been switched to the new main.

    Final paving for this project is scheduled for the end of July.

    S. Depew Street

    This project will replace 1,900 feet of 8-inch cast iron pipe with 8-inch PVC in S. Depew Street between S. Platte Canyon Road and W. Canyon Trail. This project is located in the Columbine Hills subdivision and includes a culvert crossing.

    This project is near completion with the exception of the culvert crossing near the Massey Draw Trail. All of the new pipe has been installed and paving will be completed at the end of July.

    Prior to construction on the culvert crossing, the district will post signs near the trail which will be detoured for a short time. Updates will also be posted on Facebook and Nextdoor.

  • Sewer Main Replacement Projects

    There are no sewer main replacement projects scheduled for 2021.

For questions or comments concerning these projects, please feel free to call the District’s Construction Programs Manager, Tony Cocozzella at 303-979-2333.