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District Fee Schedule

  • Annexation Fees

    Hydrant Use Fee: $100/month/hydrant

    In addition to the monthly fee, a $350.00 refundable damage deposit will be collected for each hydrant issued a permit. If the hydrant is damaged, this deposit will be forfeited and any additional costs will be invoiced.

    A numbered fire hydrant use sign will be issued with each hydrant permit. If the sign is not returned to the District, the $350.00 damage deposit will be forfeited.

    Denver Water assesses a charge for all water withdrawn from any District owned fire hydrant.

  • Construction Plan Review Fees

    Water: $5/lineal foot
    Sewer: $5/lineal foot
    Minimum Deposit Required: $2000

    The District will invoice all costs exceeding the deposit and will reimburse any remaining funds upon completion of the project.

  • Easement Process Fees

    Actual Costs incurred by District to process the easement

    Minimum Deposit Required: $2000

    The District will invoice all costs incurred to process the easement. Should costs exceed the amount of the deposit, the applicant will be invoiced, and any remaining funds after recording of the easement will be returned to the applicant.

  • Water and Sewer Connection (Tap) Fees
    Tap Size Equiv. 3/4″ Taps Tap Fee
    3/4″ 1 $2,900
    1″ 2 $5,800
    1 1/2″ 4 $11,600
    2″ 8 $23,200
    3″ 18 $52,200
    4″ 36 $140,400
    6″ 94 $272,600

    In addition to the Platte Canyon water tap fee, the Denver Water Department assesses system development charges for all connections made to District facilities.

  • Sewer Tap Fees

    Single Family or Equivalent: $1,000
    Multiple Family – Per Unit: $1,000

    Commercial and Industrial

    Water Tap Size Equiv. SFREs* Tap Fee
    3/4″ 2 $2,000
    1″ 4.8 $4,800
    1 1/2″ 11 $11,000
    2″ 20 $20,000
    3″ 43 $43,000
    4″ 86 $86,000

  • Fire Line Tap Processing and Inspection Fee


  • License Processing Fee


  • Record Retrieval and Copying Charges

    Records Retrieval: $30.00 per hour after first hour
    Copying Charge: .25 per standard (8.5” x 11” or 8.5” x 14”) page. All other copies charged at actual production cost.