Update on Water Main Break

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Water has been restored to the residents listed below. Platte Canyon staff flushed the hydrant thoroughly, but discoloration or air in the lines can be expected. If you are experiencing discoloration, flush your lines until it becomes clear. The roadway has also been repaired using a temporary patch, but a permanent repair plan is in development. The District will be in contact with private property owners regarding specific damage to their property.

If you have general questions regarding this post, you can call our office tomorrow between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. If you have an emergency situation pertaining to the water main break, call the main number at 303-979-2333 and follow the prompt to page the on call person and they will respond as soon as possible.


Platte Canyon’s emergency services contractor crew has been on the scene for several hours. They still anticipate having the water back on by 6:00 pm. Platte Canyon maintenance staff were also on the scene all day cleaning the streets and the affected area.  They will be flushing the lines for water quality purposes when the water is turned back on.

Platte Canyon received a call around 10 a.m. this morning reporting a water main break at 5638 W. Alder Way in Columbine Hills. Water service was terminated in the area immediately with 14 residents affected. These residents include 5609, 5619, 5629, 5639, 5649, 5659, 5669, 5679, 5658, 5648, 5638, 5628, 5608 W. Alder Way and 5563 W. Alder Avenue.