garden in a box

Fall Garden In A Box Available Soon at Resource Central

Resource Central’s Garden In A Box offers a simple approach to waterwise gardening with professionally designed kits including plant by number maps and plant care information.

Fall is an excellent time for planting waterwise perennials. The plants establish quicker and, with lower air temps, generally take less water to get established. Sign up for the fall interest list to the right for updates on the fall planting and sales season.

Resource Central’s professionally designed gardens contain perennial, xeric (low water) plants for your landscaping needs. Homeowners, communities, and HOAs can plant the gardens to replace turf, reduce watering requirements, and otherwise improve conservation practices for their landscapes.

Here are Resource Central’s favorite reasons for planting perennials in the fall:

  • Warm soil temperatures mean rapid root growth. Coming off of the summer months your soil will be nice and warm to help develop strong root growth. Just be sure to allow 6 weeks before the first frost (which will cease all new root growth until spring).
  • Milder air temperatures mean less transplant shock, evapotranspiration during watering, and a more pleasant climate for us gardeners too!
  • Short, bright days allow plants to transition easily into their new landscapes.
  • Jump start on spring. With the root establishment phase followed by a winter dormancy (instead of the intensity of long, hot summer days), we’ve found fall gardens to respond quickly in spring and start above-ground growth sooner after transplant date than spring plantings. Colorado summers can wreak havoc on newly planted perennials and demand a bit more attentiveness.

Garden In A Box plants sell out fast. Make sure you don’t miss out by signing up here