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John Mathias Celebrates 12 Years with Platte Canyon

John Mathias is celebrating 12 years with Platte Canyon! He has been employed by Platte Canyon as a water distribution and wastewater collection system operator since February 21, 2006.  As an operator IV employee, John is one of six staff members responsible for operation, maintenance and repair of the extensive water distribution and wastewater collection infrastructure owned by Platte Canyon, Southwest Metropolitan, Bow Mar, Columbine, Lochmoor Water and Sanitation Districts, and Valley Sanitation District.

John is certified by the Colorado Water and Wastewater Operations Certification Board as a level IV water distribution system operator and as a level IV wastewater collection system operator.

John is a very hard working individual and team member. He is always there when a problem is needing solving and is extremely helpful in all situations. Platte Canyon is very fortunate to have John on board for so many years. Thank you for your services at Plate Canyon, John and congratulations on 12 years!