Necessary Fire Hydrant Regulations and Flushing

District and Fire Department regulations require that fire hydrants have a minimum clearance of 3 feet on all sides of the hydrant. If you have a fire hydrant on your property, you may landscape around it if there is 3 feet of clearance and it can be easily accessed in the event of a fire and for district maintenance.

Although the fire department has detailed information on the location of district hydrants, it can be difficult to locate and connect to a hydrant in an emergency if a hydrant is covered by bushes, trees, decorative walls and other forms of landscaping.

If you have a fire hydrant located on your property, the District and fire department requests your assistance in maintaining the required clearance. Please keep bushes, trees and landscape plants trimmed and remove any obstructions from around the hydrant. The district and fire department must be able to easily connect hoses and equipment to hydrants during routine maintenance and emergency situations. In the event of a fire, every second counts!

Pictured below are “unacceptable clearance” (bottom left) and “acceptable clearance” (bottom right) examples. If you have any questions or concerns about the above restrictions, contact the District office at info@plattecanyon.org or 303-979-2333.

Hydrant flushing is necessary to maintain the high-quality water that is delivered to district customers.

District Operators routinely flush hydrants in your neighborhood not only to guarantee high water quality is being maintained, but also to ensure that hydrants are in proper working condition in the event of a fire.

Routine hydrant flushing removes sediment and rust from the water and helps maintain proper chlorine concentrations in the water. This routine maintenance keeps the water moving thus preventing it from becoming stagnant and helps sustain the integrity of the pipes.

When hydrant flushing occurs in your neighborhood, you may notice slightly yellow, orange, or brownish colored water coming from your faucet. If this happens, run your cold water tap for three to five minutes. If the discoloration persists, call the District at 303-979-2333 and we will assist with further flushing.

Though it may seem that water is being wasted, flushing hydrants is an important preventive measure taken by the District to provide safe, clean drinking water to our customers.