staff photo

New District Operator

The district welcomed Derek Robinson to the operations staff on October 5. Derek is a water distribution and wastewater collection system operator. He is one of the many faces you will see in the field performing maintenance on the District’s infrastructure as well as responding to customer service calls.

As an operator, Derek helps maintain the water and wastewater systems in the district. “This could mean exercising valves one day and inspecting sewers the next. No two days are ever the same it seems,” he said.

Derek has previous experience in the industry having worked in the field installing and repairing water and sewer infrastructure. When asked what he found most challenging working for the district, he replied “the paperwork. For my entire career in water I’ve always been the guy in the ditch doing the repair. Our foreman handled all of the paperwork.”

Derek is also responsible for performing maintenance to the district’s pump and lift stations as well as responding to emergency situations like a water main failure or main line sewer back up. He is currently working to obtain his water and wastewater operator certifications. Derek’s goals for the next ten years at the district include “being fully certified in (water) distribution and (sewer) collections” and to “know the district like the back of my hand.”

When asked what Derek likes most about working for the district he said, “I have a life now. I do something I love with a bunch of nice coworkers and when it’s quitting time I can go home at a reasonable hour and relax with my family.”

Outside of work, Derek enjoys wood and metal working, Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, studying martial arts from around the globe, cooking, eating and playing with his sons. When asked how he balances his career with his family, he replied, “honestly this company has given me the best chance to have an outside life. I’m no longer gone before my family wakes up and back when they are asleep.”

We are grateful to have someone with his attitude, skills, and ambition. Welcome to the district, Derek!