One Capital Project Scheduled for 2023

The following Capital Project is scheduled for 2023.

S. Depew Street  This project will replace 1,785 feet of 8″ cast iron pipe with 8″ PVC pipe in S. Depew Street from W. Ken Caryl Avenue to W. Canyon Trail. This project is located within the Columbine Hills Subdivision, which contains some of the oldest water mains in the District.

The District’s water distribution system continues to require significant attention as portions of the system approach the end of its reliable, useful life. It is extremely important that the District maintain a proactive facility maintenance program and comprehensive long-range capital improvement program to detect and repair all District owned infrastructure as necessary.

This project went to bid in May and the construction contract was awarded to Diaz Construction Group, Inc. Construction is projected to start on Monday, September 11.


Updates will follow as the project progresses.