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Residential Rebates!

Who doesn’t love a little rebate? We sure do!

Denver Water offers rebates to customers who receive a water bill from them or from one of their qualifying water providers. Every wasteful old toilet you replace with a slick, WaterSense-labeled, 1.1 gallons per flush or less model, and every old sprinkler head you replace with a straight-shooting rotary nozzle, brings us all one step closer to securing our water future.

Types of Rebates are listed below:

  • WaterSense-labeled toilets: average of 1.1 gallons per flush or less (up to a $100 rebate)
  • Rotary/high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles: up to $3 rebate per sprinkler head
  • WaterSense-labeled smart irrigation controller (up to a $75 rebate)

For more information on these rebate options, go to Denver Water’s Website and you can find everything on rebates under “Residential”. Make sure to read the Rules and Eligibility sections and always call the Denver Water Customer Care center if you have any questions on rebates. They can be reached at 303-893-2444.