Water Main Replacement Projects in Bow Mar South

The district is replacing four water mains in the Bow Mar South neighborhood near Lower Tule Lake. Construction is expected to begin Summer 2024 and be completed by Fall 2024, weather permitting.


Project details are as follows:

South Laurel Place – This project will replace 758 feet of 6″ cast iron pipe with 6″ PVC pipe in S. Laurel Place from S. Snowberry Drive to W. Bowles Avenue.

Snowberry Drive – This project will replace 797 feet of 6″ cast iron pipe with 8″ PVC pipe in S. Snowberry Drive from S. Laurel Place to W. Bowles Avenue. The diameter of pipe was upsized by Denver Water.

Marigold Lane – This project will replace 1,028 feet of 6″ cast iron pipe with 6″ PVC pipe in Marigold Lane from Blue Sage Drive to S. Sumac Lane.

Blue Sage Drive – This project will replace 1,906 feet of 12″ cast iron pipe with 12″ PVC pipe in Blue Sage Drive from W. Berry Avenue to Tule Lake Drive.


What to expect:

The anticipated working hours for this project are Monday through Friday, 7:00am – 5:00pm. 🦺

Affected customers will receive written notification closer to the start of construction. 👷🏼‍♂️

District staff, its consultant, and its construction contractor will work closely with the residents and regulatory agencies to minimize disruptions to traffic and the environment. 🚧

Water service may be interrupted when the new water mains are connected to the existing mains, however, this will be limited to a few hours at a time. 🚿

Residents will be notified at least 24 hours in advance before service is interrupted. ⌚

Emergency shutoffs may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. 🚨

Upon request, the district can supply bottled drinking water to impacted customers during scheduled outages. 💧


If you have further questions concerning this project, need additional information, or would like to request bottled drinking water, please contact the district office at 303-979-2333 or


map of project area

Section of pipeline to be replaced outlined in red.