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Why You’re Better Off Shopping at Local Farmers Markets

7/24/2018 Why You’re Better Off Shopping at Local Farmers Markets

There are A TON of benefits when it comes to supporting your local farmers market. The first one is a no brainer: Buying Locally. Buying from your local farmer allows you to support local agriculture. This means that the food you are eating comes from nearby. You are eating food in your environment, where it has perfectly-created nutrients for your specific climate and region.

The second benefit is Cheaper Organic Fruits and Veggies. You can find a variety of fresh, organic produce at more affordable prices than in a supermarket. There are also many farmers that carry products that are not technically “organic,” but have many low-priced foods that are pesticide and herbicide free. The advantage at a farmer’s market is that you can talk to the farmer and learn about their methods.

Supporting Your Local Economy and Farmers is another great benefit to shopping locally. You are supporting human beings and the local economy, not massive agribusiness GMO food conglomerates. Not only will your money be staying in your area, but you will happily please the farmer that worked to grow that food.

Next up, Eating Seasonally. By shopping at the local farmers market, you will eat seasonally, fresh and ripe. This is a great way to increase your overall health. Supermarkets offer too much variety, and the food is picked before it has ripened decreasing the vitality.

Another benefit is Safer Foods. Food from your local farmers market is generally safer. Remember the recent outbreaks of E. coli in bagged spinach? These things happen mostly in large industrial settings, where business-men work to mass produce food, preserve it and bag it in mass amounts.

When shopping locally, obviously you get Fresher Fruits and Veggies. The food from your local farmers market is, quite frankly, fresher. Because it was grown locally, there is a good chance that the apple you buy from the farmer was picked a few days ago. This is virtually impossible in a big supermarket.

Farmers Markets also mean Great Variety, Better Taste and most important Fun! Farmers markets are just plain fun for the whole family. Meeting your local community is an excellent way to feel connected to the world around you, increasing health for body, mind, and spirit. Listed below are a few farmers market in our local area. Check them out!

Littleton – 7301 S. Santa Fe Dr. at Aspen Grove Lifestyle Center

Wednesdays 10am-2pm or sellout


SOUTHWEST PLAZA – Wadsworth & Bowles at Southeast Parking Lot

Saturdays 8am-2pm or Sellout